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Top Ten Richest Men in The World 2013

Top Ten Richest Men in The World 2013

There are countless successful businessmen in the world. Many have made billions of dollars. This list includes the top 10 richest men in 2013 according to Forbes Magazine.

1. Carlos Slim

Carlos SlimCarlos Slim is currently the worlds richest man with a net worth of 69 Billion. Carlos has been an entrepreneur since the age of twelve when he first bought shares in a Mexican bank. Now aged 75 Carlos has extensive holdings in a number of Mexican companies in the fields of communications  technology, retailing and finance. He is currently the chairman and chief executive of telecommunications companies Telmex and America Movil.


2. Bill Gates

bill gates second richest man in the worldBill Gates the founder of Microsoft computers and former world richest man. He and his business partner Paul Allen built the largest computer software business in the world.




3. Warren Buffet

Billionaire Warren Buffett, CEO and chaiWarren Buffet is a billionaire investor is the 3rd richest man in the world in 2013 and is currently worth $44 billion. Buffet began investing at age 11 and by 13 he was running a small business. The CEO of Berkshire Hathaway is currently aged 82 and was named the wealthiest man alive in 2008. Buffet  has currently donated $17.3 Billion to charity and has announced that he would give away his entire fortune to charity, the largest charitable giving in the history of the United states.


4.  Bernard Arnault

FRANCE-POLITICS-LUXURY-LVMH-ARNAULTBernard Arnault is one of the richest men in Europe currently worth $41 Billion. Arnault is known as the world arbiter of good taste as he controls fashion companies such as Hermes, Louis Vuitton and Bulgari. The CEO of Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy (LMVH) which  possesses a portfolio of over 60 prestigious brands.



5. Amancio Ortega

armancio ortegaAmancio Ortega is the fifth richest man alive  with a worth of $37.5 Billion yet very few people have actually heard of him. The 76 year old Spaniard rarely gives out interviews and enjoys his privacy.Ortega founded the Fashion company Zara with his wife in 1975. Today it has grown to 1,500 stores in 70 counrties.



6. Larry Ellison

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison & Google CEO Larry Page At Patent Infringement Court CaseLarry Ellison is the sixth richest man in the world with a worth of $36 Billion. He is most famous for his Hardware and Software company Oracle. Ellison now owns 98% of Hawaiian Island Lanai. He bought the 141 square mile island from fellow billionaire David Murdoch for a reported $500 Million. Ellison has also signed on to the Gates – Buffet giving pledge has donates $445 million to his Ellison Medical Foundation, which supports age related diseases.


7. Eike Batista

Eike BatistaEike Batista is Brazils richest man with a worth of 26 billion. Batista’s claim to wealth is  mining. Between 1980 and 2000 Batista had set up eight gold mines throughout the world. And took public six companies. He enjoys fast cars and boats and at the beginning of the 1990’s he was World champion in the Super Powerboat Offshore category.



8.Stefan Persson

stefan perssonStefan Persson is the Chairman and former CEO of Hennes and Mauritz and is worth $28 Billion. His father Erling founded the first Hennes store in 1947. The company then bought the clothing retailer Mauritz in 1965 making Hennes and Mauritz. However it was Stefan Persson who after taking control of the company in 1982 led its exponential growth. Today H&M is a global giant employing 76,000 people with sales in excess of $16 billion.


9. Li Ka-Shing

Li Ka-ShingLi Ka-shing the richest man in Asia  is worth $25.5 Billion at age 85. Li’s private investment company was early to buy into Facebook, Skype and Spotify. The self made billionaire enjoys investing in tech related companies. He believes that a person investing in technology will feel younger. He has also given out over $ 1.6 billion in grants to education, cultural organizations and health care.


10. Karl Albrecht

Karl AbrechtKarl Albrecht is the tenth richest man in the world worth 25.4 billion dollars at age 92. Karl’s discount supermarket giant , Aldi Sud has 4,500 stores. He and his brother Theo got their start at their mothers corner store after WWII and turned it into a large retail chain that is known for it’s low prices.


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